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Marth, chill by 5DsPeach
Marth, chill
Today while playing Smash Bros for Wii U, I decided to bring in my top 3 Amiibos, Marth & Peach & Pit, in and team up with each other and go against level 9 CPU's of characters I don't like/had bad experiences with. During those matches, Marth was killing everyone. Most of the CPU's lost their stocks because Marth KO'ed her/him. Peach and Pit would give "pokes" to them, but most of the damage was Marth's doing, which gave me this art idea. For some reason, Pit was always in front of Peach

I really liked how this came out, this is my first attempt at drawing jump poses. If you're wondering what's with the names on the top, that's what I named each Amiibo. (Marth = FancyPants, Peach = Pichi, Pit = Chicken)

Marth, Peach, Pit (c) Nintendo

comic (c) me (5DsPeach)

my tumblr
Kid Icarus Controversy Meme by 5DsPeach
Kid Icarus Controversy Meme
Favorite Character: Dark Pit I really love him. He's a very well developed dark clone that isn't the stereotypical "I'm gonna destroy (insert original)!" he eventually helps Pit. Plus, his theme is awesome and he's hot. 13-year-old me would explain this better
Despised Character: Reaper & Reapette They're so annoying! They take forever to kill too, especially in the original NES game, in my opinion
Favorite Game: Kid Icarus: Uprising Gonna go with KI:U since this was my first Kid Icarus game. This game actually made me develop new friendships, both online and in real life
Despised Game: Don't have one
Most Overrated Character: Viridi Don't get the wrong idea, I like Viridi, but I've seen her shipped with like everyone. Especially Pit and Dark Pit, neither of those ships are good
Most Underrated Character: I don't think anyone is underrated, however, I do think that Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters is underrated, especially since it may be non-canon due to the fact that it never got released in Japan, for some reason
Favorite Villain: Medusa She's pretty cool. The original villain and using the last bit of her life to help Pit, that's awesome. I have yet to battle her in the original NES version, but it seems intense
Despised Villain: Amazon Pandora Don't like that extremely revealing outfit and seemed flirtatious. 
Favorite Couple: Don't have one. I don't ship anyone except for crack ships
Despised Couple: Palutena X Pit I can't stand this ship. I always thought that the relation between Palutena and Pit was like mother-son, not girlfriend-boyfriend. Palutena seems too old for Pit as well

Kid Icarus Controversy Meme by CrystalisZelda
Kid Icarus characters (c) Nintendo
Super Mario Controversy Meme by 5DsPeach
Super Mario Controversy Meme
Favorite Character: Peach & Daisy I love them so much, I don't even know who I like more
Despise Character: Rosalina if you wanna know why, just read this
Favorite Game: Super Princess Peach Peach with her own game? AWW YEAH where's the sequel and Daisy's own game?
Despised Game: Don't have one
Most Overrated Character: Rosalina again, just read this
Most Underrated Character: Pauline, Daisy, & Waluigi When will Pauline be playable? When will Daisy get the attention she deserves and her own game? When will Waluigi get the attention he deserves and his own game?
Favorite Villain: Bowser Why not? 
Despised Villain: Magikoopa I kid you not, he always pissed me off
Favorite Couple: Peach X Mario Why not?
Despised Couple: Most Rosalina couples because she's really better off single. Although I kinda ship her with Waluigi

Super Mario Controversy Meme by CrystalisZelda
Mario characters (c) Nintendo
Main 5 by 5DsPeach
Main 5
My mains for Super Smash Bros for Wii U~
I felt like uploading this...

Dark Pit, Lucina, Peach, Pit, Marth (c) Nintendo
...I joined this, 3 years!~ :) sorry for wasting your time
...I joined this, 3 years!~ :) sorry for wasting your time


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Alana P.
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These peeps are awesome:

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